Wednesday, July 14, 2010

So, you think you got it all right, the perfect color and body kits installed to your dream car. The engine is running good and you are on your way to the highway. But, wait! Nobody notices your beautiful masterpiece! Why? Aside from it’s beautiful appearance, nobody ‘’hears” it. It’s not turning heads just like the way you want people to do. What’s missing is that mesmerizing rrrrraaaawwwrrr your car is supposed to give out when stepping on that gas pedal.

What you need to do is replace your old exhaust pipe and get a quality piece that your car deserves, and go stainless! One most common problem of exhaust pipes is corrosion, in other words, rust. You cannot avoid it, because water is a part of your car’s waste product. So, what are you waiting for? Go out now, and look for the best store that can provide you with exactly what you need, a superstore that has a wide range of accessories, mufflers and etc. has everything you will ever need, including tips on how to make your priced possession dashing and beautiful unlike the others. They do car customizing and the service is great, they have been in the business for since 2003.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Los Angeles Lakers V.S. Boston Celtics

Friday, June 4, 2010

Gifts and Giveaway's

Recently the company I’ve been working in organized a party.. it was our company’s 4th birthday. There were a lot of ideas thrown concerning the motif and what else would be good to commemorate the celebration. I thought of handing out corporate gifts .When I wasn’t working yet, my mother was so fond of Promotional Umbrellas since they were free and lasts a long time then I told them.. why not give it away? It’s a cost efficient way of advertising, the more people use it, the more familiar people will be of the company. Then they agreed! And now are asking me what nice idea I have left in my pocket. I also thought of label pins; many people use it and stick to their back packs, as long as the design is colorful and free, a lot of people will really accept it. It isn’t a bad idea, right? Now the only question is where and how to find quality providers… the one who is reliable enough to give our company their money’s worth. Now, these gifts aren’t for anniversaries only, they are also great for promotions and other holidays. The more we give, the more known our company will be.